Jun 1st update:

We've moved! You can find me at the new location between Port Byron and Weedsport on Route 31. Stop by to see me and to see the continual improvements to the shop and showroom areas. Fulfill your motorcycle parts, service, accessory and inspection needs every day.


Feb 1st Progress update on the new shop:

The steel has finally gone up at the new O’Brien’s Motorcycles shop on Route 31 between Weedsport and Port Byron. It has been a slow process and the weather certainly has not been making it any easier this winter but we are finally working above-ground.We will be continuing to work on the exterior of the building, starting with the roof sheets, once we return from our riding trip to Ecuador. Electric service is now in the process of being installed and should be up and running very soon. I still plan to be conducting business at the new site for the upcoming riding season. The building will not be finished by any means but I plan on having a very workable space ready there soon so at least I will be on-site to continue working on the building as time allows in-between working on bikes. Specifics on the timing of my being open for business at the new site will be forthcoming.

Thanks for your interest and keep checking back! We will be posting updates as the construction progresses. Click ME for Photos

Update Jan 27
Site preparation has begun at the future location on Route 31 between Weedsport and Port Byron. My plans were to have the new shop up and running by spring of 2013 but with the winter weather being so harsh recently, it unfortunately has delayed construction. The current plan is to continue sharing space with Jim's Motorsports on Route 34 for the 2013 season while working on the new shop as time allows during this year's riding season. I will focus all of my attention to completing the new shop this fall. I will continue to post updates as the construction progresses.

O'Brien's Motorcycles will be sharing space with Jim's Motorsports for the 2012 season. Not only will we be easier to find but the shop hours will be longer and we will have more parts and accessories to keep you riding! You can find us on Route 34 just 4.5 miles north of Weedsport. Please give us a call or stop in.

Update Sept 15
We finally have a closing! The new shop will be located on the corner of Rt 31 and Townline Rd half way between Port Byron and Weedsport. Construction begins next month and we will be open in the spring!

Also for the home page: For the latest updates please check out O'Brien's Motorcycles on facebook. Photos, rides, construction progress and more posted weekly!

Update April 15th.
Dear Customers:

Since the beginning of April I have looked at nearly two dozen buildings. To date I have not been able to find a suitable location. Either the place is a dump, ridiculously expensive, tied up in bureaucracy, or difficult to find. So for the time being I will be conducting service work at the original shop on 9419 Oakland Rd near Weedsport. To assure the highest quality I will be performing all the service
work. As always all work is guaranteed. NYS inspections will be available as soon as I get approval from DMV.
O'Brien's Motorcycles - Since 1982
PS: Construction will begin on the new shop this fall and I will continue to keep you informed as I make progress.

Update April 3rd.
Dear Customers:

It might seem like I have disappeared off the face of the earth. The shop is not just closed but I also removed the building down to the concrete pad. It is so strange to ride past and just see an open field! But behind the scenes I have been working for the last few months to secure a temporary location. Despite my best intentions I have been unable to find a suitable building for this season. I haven't given up but my plans to be open April 1st are delayed. However I will continue to post weekly updates so that no one is left in the dark. At some point I WILL have the shop open. I apologize for the delay and I also want to thank all my loyal customers.

O'Brien's Motorcycles

Update March 12th.
Dear Customers:

Thank you for your patience. Most of you have probably noticed that I spent the winter dismantling the shop. Over the last few months I have been trying to secure a lease for a temporary location on Rt 31 near Port Byron for this season. I believe that I have finally found a suitable space and I still plan on being open April 1st. I will keep you informed as soon as the paperwork is finalized.

Thomas O'Brien